Dates / Pear / Melon / Banana / Ginger Vegan SMOOTHIE :)

Here’s a simple recipe for a nice and smooth vegan smoothie I made. Hope you like it!

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I am MOSTLY VEGAN and Eat Whatever my Body Tells Me to

I Eat MOSTLY VEGAN and Eat Whatever my Body Tells Me to. I guess you can now call me a “mostly vegan.” Okay, it’s official – that’s my new term for a vegan who doesn’t take it all too seriously and eats something that’s not TOTALLY vegan from time to time (without eating meat)… That’s [...]

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Don’t Be A Hungry Vegan

Are you a vegan that suffers from hunger? You don’t have to. The vegan diet can be a rich and satisfying diet when you approach it wisely. The fact that the vegan diet is very nutrient rich can absolutely work in your favor. Also, the manner in which you eat has a large impact on [...]

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STOP Arthritis Pain and Inflammation by Lowering Arachidonic Acid Levels

Do you suffer from any inflammatory conditions? Reducing your intake and store of arachidonic acid can be helpful in relieving your pain and inflammation. One of the many ill effects of the meat eating diet is the excess accumulation of arachidonic acid. Arachidonic acid is actually a fatty acid produced and utilized in the body [...]

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The Advantages of Eating Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Including organic produce in our vegan diet is a sure way to increase our nutrient intake and safeguard ourselves from the devastating effects of harmful, chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Along with enjoying the enhanced flavor of organic produce, we can also enjoy the enhanced ecological connection we nurture through our support of the organic, natural [...]

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Vegan Greek Mini Quiches

Perfect for a vegan appetizer at a gathering or just as a side dish with salad and mashed potatoes. These vegan mini quiches have so much flavor packed into one little bite sized bit, they’re almost a whole meal themselves!

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